Coming Soon! Multicultural Books In Process

  • It Came from under the Highchair

    A bilingual mystery book of prepositions

  • Agnes

    Agnes's Feet

    The true story of a nine-year-old immigrant girl, Agnes, who walked a thousand miles across the Continental Divide. By they time she entered the Rockies--in blizzard conditions--she had no shoes.

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  • Samuel Sailing

    Samuel Sailing

    The true adventures of a boy who left his home time and again to follow his heart

  • Ida's Witness

    Ida's Witness (pre-quel to Anna's Prayer)

  • A Christmas House

    The Christmas House


  • This Pie Is Mine

    When Food Explodes or How to Wear Food & Other Recipies (for Disaster) - A story on the silliness of selfishness

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