The Dancing Flamingos of Lake Chimichanga

(Humor) 5 glowing Amazon Vine Voice reviews! Quirky birds with a zest for life, revel, feast, and dance on the shores of a shimmering lake. “Pink birds on a walk, pink flocks in pink socks. … Diving, dipping, drinking, dripping, flying, falling, flailing, flipping. … Strutting, swaying, swooping, sunning, synchronized swimming—they shimmy—it’s stunning.” Picture book activities include finding and counting animals, dances, and foods (kid's book on flamingos for ages 3 – 6, preschool to 1st grade) plus online extras. 350 words by award-winning author Karl Beckstrand (Mini-mysteries for Minors [multicultural/bilingual series]), illustrated by Ashley Sanborn (Polar Bear Bowler and If Cancer Was a Fish). See INSIDE below!

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Dancing Book for children. Available in soft cover and ebook versions, 24-page, 8.5"x 8.5" perfect bound children’s ornithology, food, and dance book, Premio Publishing & Gozo Books (worldwide rights © Sept. 2015) LCCN: 2015947081, JUV031020, JUV002040, JUV054000, JUV009030, JUV019000, ISBN-10: 1512161780, ISBN-13: 978-1512161786 (ebook ISBN: 978-1310478215)

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“There's lots of wordplay here--rollicking rhyme and affable alliteration punctuated with pulsing pages of pink ... flamingo action, ever zany and silly. This could be a fun read-aloud book with an expressive reader and a receptive audience. ... accompanied by magnetic, full-page illustrations.” - Rick Nagel, Vine Voice reviewer (Amazon)

 “The team of Karl Beckstrand, author, and Ashley Sanborn, illustrator, have created a really funny, poetic book filled with ... humorous drawings. We see the flamingos doing all kinds of fun things, such as flying ... swimming ... and dancing. ... ‘Why do they dance and prance and dive? For the simple joy of being alive!’" – Israel Drazin, Vine Voice reviewer (Amazon)

“In this delightful read we have Pink--Pink everywhere, and I loved it. ... The drawings are excellent and really bring this story to life. I love the hats and shoes and clothes that these delightful Flamingo’s wear. Their facial expressions are perfect for what is going on and really help with the story. ... delightfull ... Loved the Vulture. Great read that young and old will enjoy.” – Shirley P. Johnson, Vine Voice reviewer (Amazon)

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